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We all are used to living in the free world where we have the complete freedom to do whatever our hear desires without any sorts of restrictions. But what about the opposite scenario, where everything is controlled and there are a lot of restrictions imposed on you. Every move of yours is watched and monitored and its absolute totalitarian culture out there. The revolution in technology has allowed us to play a lot of android gaming apps which are based on the same concept and we shall make the task for the perspective gamer easier by providing the access to the best and latest option available out there.

The Vector is the perfect option which is based on the similar concept that allows the gamer to step into the shoes of a free runner who is living in a dictated world and is looking forward to break through and break all the restrictions and customs. The game is designed using the best available graphics which provide the user with the realistic gaming experience. The game is shared with the gamer for absolutely free of charge and guarantees to keep you hooked up.

The game directly takes you to the world where everyone is being checked and no one is able to breathe freely. This is where you step in as a free lancer who will challenge authority by breaking through all the barriers and running across the town. The game is designed using the best graphics that makes the gameplay real life like. Having the advantage of getting a huge variety og gaming modes and difficulty levels that shall test the various skills of the user in challenging gaming environment shall make things interesting for the gamer.

This article is designed to provide the user with the necessary information regarding the game including the basic features and gameplay. Including details about the download process and the downloading requirements. In the end, we shall provide the user with the download link for the latest version of the Vector Mod Apk.

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Download Vector Mod Apk 1.2.0 For Android


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Features of the Vector Game:

  • The game provides the challenge to the gamer in the form of 20 super challenging gaming modes which shall put the skills of the gamer to test in challenging gaming environment. The game has about 40 such difficulty levels in the deluxe mode. The makers provided with a platform where the gamer can simply prove that he/she is the best in the world by outlasting and defeating all the difficulty levels.
  • The game has started to become popular and create a special place in the hearts of the user because of the almost real life like gameplay which is inspired by real Parkour movies. So for all the fans, all you have to do is to download the game and you will get a chance to be a part of the favourite movie screenplay which has been made possible by the makers by using the best quality of graphics available in the market.
  • There is a huge risk when an extremely popular Facebook game makes it way to an android gaming app. Whether it’ll be able to create the same buzz or whether it will retain the same engaging gameplay, these are a few important questions which come in the mind of the gamer. But there is no need to worry as the makers made it a point to make a perfect transition to an android gaming app by staying true to the original game.
  • For any android app to create a space in the hearts of the user, the makers have to simply excel the domain of user interface. In simple terms, the makers should devote attention towards creating an user interface which can be understood and enjoyed by all. Everyone irrespective of the technical knowledge will be able to access the basic features and the gameplay. This is exactly what the makers achieved by making the game such that all the user needs is one touch on the android device’s screen.
  • There is a huge tendency nowadays that after downloading a particular game that the gamer suddenly becomes bored of the gameplay. This can happen because of the repeated gaming content because makers nowadays create game with limited fresh gaming content. This is when the makers decided to play the game which is filled with a huge diversity of gaming modes and difficulty levels through a dynamic gameplay.

What’s more in the Vector Mod Apk?

A game which is based upon the concept of a free runner breaking through the totalitarian government can be made more interesting by getting an advantage of any sort. This is what the mod apk provides to the user in the form of getting unlimited money. This shall enable the user to get their hands on the best equipment out there without worrying about the price aspect of it. This shall allow the gamer to take down the most difficult challenges and defeat their enemies. The advantage enables you to make endless carefree purchases from the store.

Have you heard about Parkour? Explaining about Parkour, this is a sport derived from a number of military techniques, in which athletes must use practical skills to avoid obstacles. You only need a T-shirt, a pair of pants, a pair of sports shoes and training to become a parkour athlete. Of course, you also need to practice hard and seriously because this is a quite dangerous sport, it is very easy to have an accident.

Why do I mention this topic? Because parkour is the inspiration for the publisher Nekki to release Vector – the game I will review below. This is an endless running game with the same gameplay as Subway Surfers. Besides, the story to start the game is also very interesting. You are an employee of a mysterious company. After a lot of pressure from work and from your boss, you feel unable to stand it anymore. Take off your shirt and work vest, throw away all the papers that your boss gives you, break the window (on the 30th floor of a certain building), you jump down. But luckily, you are a super parkour artist. Try to run as fast as you can, passing through the rooftops in the city or security staff will catch up and you will be electrocuted.

Graphics like Shadow Fight

It can be said that Vector is Shadow Fight in parkour version. Nekki’s special graphics technology highlights the context behind because the main character in the game is black shadows. Although it is only 2D graphics, the movements of the characters are very flexible like the actors in action movies. The movements of the characters are varied and realistic, suitable for the circumstances that bring you an interesting experience. As far as I feel, the game has a bit of lag during control, so you may play a few times to get used to it.

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